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Howl’s Moving Castle

Wizards, witches, scarecrows, spells, war, and romance! Sounds like a wonderful and magical potion for a delightful romp in the world of anime. And it is! I’ve watched Howl’s Moving Castle several times but did not know until last year that it was a book. I’m sure if I had paid attention to the credits …

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There’s No Sound In Space – Deleted Post

It is with some sadness that I must state this post is gone. It was accidentally trashed and deleted. I am quite disappointed as I put a lot in that post and I got a lot of good recommendations for scifi series/movies and books. I no longer have access to those comments. ¬†I put a …

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Liebster Blog Award

Thanks to Simpleek¬†for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award. The Liebster Blog Award is a “pay it forward” award in which bloggers with under 200 followers are nominated. Once nominated, it is hoped that the blogger will nominate at least five other bloggers. I think it is a perfect way to find hidden gems …

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