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Favorite Anime Endings

This seems to be a common post in the anime blog community so it’s only natural that I would post mines.  You would think that I would start with openings but I’m starting with endings because it was due to watching an ending that I liked that prompted this post. That ending was from xxxHolic; …

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But wait! There’s More! – Anime Favorites 2011

Two favorites that I cannot believe that I did not put on my last post are Gosick and Deadman Wonderland. This is what happens when you blog while under the weather. I enjoyed Deadman Wonderland so much that I started reading the manga which is very bloody but I love it! 1. Deadman Wonderland The main …

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Anime Favorites of 2011!

As I perused through other anime blogs, I noticed that one group was doing Anime Awards for 2011; considered throwing my hat in the bag. I decided against it primarily because I realized I didn’t want to do an award format so my favorites will suffice.  I could do a ranking system for my favorites …

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