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Anime Strike

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Gertrude (Hamlet)   It’s ironic that Amazon’s anime channel is entitled “Anime Strike” because in a way, I’ll be taking a strike against their anime channel. I’m usually overjoyed about additional legal options to stream anime but not the way Amazon is doing it. I had high hopes …

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Why I hate Cockroaches

*There will be some profanity in this blog post. Big, fucking cockroaches. With wings. They exist. We like to call them “waterbugs” but they are really just big, fucking, nasty ass, creepy-crawly cockroaches. And someone in Japan decided to make a manga about big, fucking cockroaches. Then another person in Japan thought it would be …

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To Mecha or not to Mecha?

Actually that’s not really the question. **Spoiler alert** – I’m probably going to go off on a tangent in this post as I am wont to do. I enjoy a good mecha anime and recently I’ve found one. It is a Netflix exclusive which means I can marathon to my heart’s content. The series “Knights …

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Obsession with Youth

Since life is starting to balance out some, and I’ve figured out how to type on my laptop whilst holding a tiny one; I figured I could try my hand at a blog post. This is a celebration of sorts! I miss my blog. I miss being able to read others’ blogs. I am so …

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Mood Instability in Anime

I’ve actually been watching a number of anime lately; not a lot, just more than I had been due to my busy schedule. I figured out that I could watch anime during my commute which makes my ride on public transportation smoother and more enjoyable. Not sure what took me so long to realize that …

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