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Enter the Pale Cocoon

I mentioned in my last post that I just started watching random anime; shows I have never heard of and shows that I would most likely ignore otherwise. In my game of anime roulette, I came across an OVA titled Pale Cocoon.  Ok, so its not surprising that I chose this to watch if I’m going …

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Space Brothers: How’s it going? – Guest Post

Hi ladies and gent, cats, dogs, ducks, chickens, and everything else in between. I’ve got something new for you all. I have a guest blogger for today’s post! I am ridiculously thrilled to have Milo of Blog of the North Star contribute to my blog. Without further ado, here we go: There’s a weekly activity I’ve …

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Excuse Me; Who are You?

This is a blog post that I’m doing by request. A person in one of my circles on Google+ asked if I had a post on my favorite anime movies and episodes. My introductory post has a cursory view of some of my favorite anime whether it be a movie or a series. This post …

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Battle Royale and The Hunger Games

This is a bit of a variation from discussing anime. I do feel that it is appropriate for the blog as Battle Royale is a Japanese film/novel/manga and I do love Japan.  The Battle Royale novel was written in 1999 by Koushon Takami; who also wrote the manga adaptation. The Hunger Games which was published …

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! – Where the Smallest Person Plays the Biggest Part

First, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope that 2012 brings you tons of happiness and great anime.  I’m not big on making resolutions but I do like to give myself something new or different to do each year. 2012 is no different, I have several quests I plan to embark …

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