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Michiko to Hatchin – A Rewatch

Being adopted  works out for many children but not for Hatchin. Hatchin gets adopted and fostered by a Christian man and his family. The family is religious in name only because there is nothing Christian in how they treat Hatchin. They treat her not as a member of the family but as a lowly servant …

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Battle Royale and The Hunger Games

This is a bit of a variation from discussing anime. I do feel that it is appropriate for the blog as Battle Royale is a Japanese film/novel/manga and I do love Japan.  The Battle Royale novel was written in 1999 by Koushon Takami; who also wrote the manga adaptation. The Hunger Games which was published …

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Goodbye 2011…Hello 2012 Anime Season!

Here is the obligatory end of the year post; woo hoo! The year of 2011 brought in some good anime but for the most part, I considered it to be a pretty lackluster year. There was a lot of the same old, not much anime that screamed “FAVORITE OF ALL TIME!” We had a couple …

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But wait! There’s More! – Anime Favorites 2011

Two favorites that I cannot believe that I did not put on my last post are Gosick and Deadman Wonderland. This is what happens when you blog while under the weather. I enjoyed Deadman Wonderland so much that I started reading the manga which is very bloody but I love it! 1. Deadman Wonderland The main …

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