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Should I Stay or Should I Go?


I have been very negligent with my blog. The only excuse that I have is adulthood has been really kicking my behind. Being a wife, mother, and working two jobs does not exactly lend itself to blogging consistently. I was able to blog consistently when I first started because I would blog at a job that had that allowed me a lot of free time. I’ve now gotten a job that is usually very busy and my internet pursuits are laid by the wayside. However, there have been some positive recent changes that may let me start back blogging. But the question is should I start where I left off or dissolve my blog?

I don’t want to close my blog because for a couple of years, I was pretty steady in my posting. My anime watching has decreased but not by much. I still watch about three to five shows at a time. I have added K-drama into the mix but I have not decided if I were to keep my blog; would I add posts about K-drama. The conundrum I’m facing regarding keeping the blog open is that I feel obliged to have regular posting. And the way my life has become lately,  I don’t feel that I can commit to regular posting.

Clearly, there are people that still read the blog as I still get comments on my post regarding Ergo Proxy. That post has turned out to be one of my most popular posts and it was written almost four years ago. However, if people peruse my blog further, they would find that there has not been much activity or it has been sporadic in the last two years. The fact that I have kept this blog as long as I have is an accomplishment in itself. I did not expect to still have it activated this long. It would be bittersweet to end it.

Can I Live in Japan?

I love Japanese animation and I have a cursory knowledge of samurai and Japanese vending machines. Periodically, I read Japanese news to kind of get a feel of what is going ontumblr_mb0dvwNohO1rtg63yo1_1280 in Japan. But can I actually live there? The tiny apartments, the earthquakes, the language, racial, and cultural barrier. Am I brave enough to overcome those challenges? I wouldn’t be going alone. My husband and our spawn would be along for the ride. That adds even more to it. I know I can do it on my own but what about my husband and our small one who doesn’t really care for new places or people? It has been a fleeting dream of mines to live in Japan. To live somewhere completely different than where I am from and live. To be an obvious outsider, a foreigner, no knowledge of the language, and very little understanding of the nuances in Japanese culture. I would have to do much more research than my superficial forays into the “weird” parts of Japan and my casual reads of Japanese news. I would really need to try to learn as much about the culture as possible before making a decision to live there for a couple of years.

Would I be able to adapt to the culture? I wouldn’t be alone so that might make it easier. It leads to me to wonder what do I really know about Japan?

Three Years

It took me three years to finish Jormungand. Technically, two and a half but I did it. I finished the show about the boy soldier. And the ending was disappointing. I finally found the time to finish the series and I was letdown. There was no reason for there to be a second season because it was a waste of time.

I enjoyed the first season but I had much difficulty getting through the second season. The show initially reminded me of Black Lagoon in terms of the characters and OP and ED. However, it lost that comparison with the continued flatness of the characters. They lacked personality, growth, relatibility. The child soldier, Jonah, aged physically throughout the show but did not appear to age physically. Koko, the loco arms dealer became boring and the revelation of her grand scheme was underwhelming at best.

It glossed over familial type relationships even in ruthless gun squads but didn’t go much further. There was plenty of silly antics that added little to the story. I wouldn’t have minded it being a little more serious. It tried to be philosophical about the needless wars humans wage against each other but fell short. Better to just stick to the first season and not bother with Imperfect Order.image

An Update – No Friend Zone


It seems I failed to think of the people in my life outside of the internet who do indeed enjoy anime.  Not to the extent that I do but will watch it with me. My significant other pointed out that I’ve made him sit and watch TWENTY EPISODES of a show at one time.  First,  key word: made. Haha. Second, I’ve never had him watch twenty in a row. Maybe 10. Maybe. Not to mention, he falls asleep! Then he doesn’t have discussions with me later. He doesn’t willingly ask to watch shows. But he’s right,  he will sit with me so I won’t binge alone.

After that post, another friend text me to say that I also had him and I wasn’t alone. My harem anime loving friend. But here’s the thing, they are both male. Maybe I should have been more in depth in the previous post and specified no female friends. I have posted before about anime (blogging in particular) seeming to be a male hobby with many popular series catering to that demographic. It’s possible it’s a topic that needs to be rehashed. The paucity of the female perspective. It is not that females are completely ignored, there are genres that pander to females. It’s also noticeable at cons that females are a large part of the Fandom. It’s just male voices are more vociferous.

On this end,  I’m working on finding more friends with similar interests. Stay tuned.

No Friend Zone

Image from GoBoiano

           Image from GoBoiano

When I started this blog, I discussed not really having any people in my real life to enjoy anime with; watching together or having conversations about shows. I started this blog so I could get my thoughts out and interact with others who have this interest. Lately, it has started to bother me that I don’t have friends with similar interests. Or family members. Sometimes, I feel that anime watching and K-drama by default is a lonely hobby. I no longer mention to people that I watch anime or am interested in other things outside of reality tv shows or whatever popular sitcom is airing.

I didn’t grow up knowing anyone in my community who watched anime. Or played games like D&D, or read comics, or read books (fiction or non-fiction). I didn’t get introduced to anime formally until college. I had watched anime without knowing that was what it was, i.e. Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Digimon. But I didn’t realize the magnitude and scope of the fandom until adulthood. I know there are people who have formed bonds with each other over the net and probably chat offline and watch streams together via video chat. However, I have not managed to create those bonds and mainly because of my reservedness. Many anime viewers that I see online are quite young and their tastes skew young (ish). Still I would prefer to have a circle of friends that I could count on that would always understand my anime references, my love for Gintoki, my aversion to extreme fanservice. I would love good-natured arguments on the best series over dinner and/or wine. I probably need to step outside of my box and see if there is a local anime community for adults that is active. Maybe I’ll have some luck there. Do you have a local anime community? Do you have real life friends that you share your anime fandom with on occasion?

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