The Understanding – My 100th post!

Those who have read this blog for a while know that my significant other is not into anime like I am. There is now a show about couples like us! Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken (I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying) is about a woman married to an otaku. I don’t classify myself as an otaku but I definitely see myself as a serious anime fan. When I get excited about certain shows; my husband will just get a blank look on his face. This show is a short so they don’t drag the gags out too long. You get the joke and then the episode is over. I laughed the whole time for each episode. It has hit the closest to home out of any anime show I have ever watched. If only I could make money by simply watching anime and talking about it.

So sad but true

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I’m all over Fall Anime 2014. Okay, maybe not all over it but I’m watching a lot of it. A lot more anime than I have watched in a while. This is what I’m watching so far (including the aforementioned show):

  • Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu – If you’re not watching this, you should.
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji – God, this show is pissing me off but I keep watching it. I’m really hoping that Erika grows a pair of ovaries and drops Kyouya. That would restore my faith in shoujo.
  • Psycho-Pass 2 – Okay, so I haven’t gotten past episode 3. Something about this adaptation is not jiving well with me.
  • Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis – The surprise of the season. I wasn’t watching this at first because I thought the main character looked like an idiot. One day I decided to check it out and I was impressed.
  • SHIROBAKO – This show is so meta, it makes me feel like an anime insider.
  • Terra Formars – Yes, I’m still watching the idiocy of the roaches.
  • Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete – I have no idea what the hell is going on in this show. So much mystery…ooooo eeee oooooooo.
  • World Trigger – An enemy who may not be the enemy?

I’m trying to get back into blogging more consistently. It is proving more difficult than I anticipated but I will do my best to get my blog on a routine. Thank you to the readers that have stuck around.

Roaches, Beetles, Ants, Spiders With a Dash of Human

Terra-FormarsTerraformars is driving me mad! I want to watch this show but it is so disjointed and the animation style is so ragged (possibly due to censorship by Crunchyroll). It just seems all over the place right now. There is a story in here; I can feel it but I haven’t seen it yet. Lots of gratuitous violence and marvelous fight scenes but I’m having to piece together a story here based off random narration and the thoughts of the characters.  Did I mention the cockroaches kinda look like Black guys? REALLY BIG Black guys with little, curly afros? Its even more obvious in the manga than it is in the anime.

I really want to enjoy this anime but what the hell? It’s pissing me off. I finished the most recent episode and sighed in frustration. I am having much more fun watching Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut): Genesis. At least that show makes a little more sense than the cockroaches.

Parasitic Behavior

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It is the season for me watching shows about creepy crawlies. With Halloween around the corner, it’s appropriate that I am watching shows that may make a person’s skin crawl. I’ve added watching Parasyte – the maxim – to my fall anime season repertoire. Parasyte was a manga that ran from the years 1990 – 1995. It is science fiction horror which is one of my favorite genres because you know: ALIENS!!! There is nothing new about the premise of Parasyte; aliens infect humans and take over their bodies then go killing other uninfected humans to feed.  What makes Parasyte stand out to me so far is the relationship that seems to be building between the main character; Shinichi Izumi and the parasyte (sic) that failed in his task to completely take over Shinichi, Migi.

Migi only manages to take over Shinichi’s right hand leaving his brain fully intact and functioning. This leads to some very awkward situations in the beginning and a lot of times, making Shinichi look mentally unstable as he seems to talk to himself. Underneath the silliness of some of the behaviors, there are things that Migi says that ring true about humans. He questions Shinichi on what makes his kind different from human kind. Humans slaughter animals to feed themselves and think nothing of the life that was lost to feed them. Humans kill each other viciously for no other purpose besides anger, jealousy, greed; irrational emotions. Migi’s kind on the other hand tend to see themselves as more rational and logical especially Migi. For Migi, it is killed or be killed. Migi does not suffer a conscious but being attached to Shinichi, a symbiotic relationship is created forcing Migi to deal with Shinichi’s human conscious.

Is it better to do the logical and rational thing or is it better to respond out of emotions? Humans tend to respond using emotions and not rational thought. Humans also respond to situations based off their religious faiths something that Migi would find odd. Humans are worthy of study as we inhabit a world with other humans who have their own thoughts and behaviors; as humans, we have to adapt to each other to live in harmony. I don’t think we do a very good job of it sometimes.

Why I hate Cockroaches

terraformars*There will be some profanity in this blog post.

Big, fucking cockroaches. With wings. They exist. We like to call them “waterbugs” but they are really just big, fucking, nasty ass, creepy-crawly cockroaches. And someone in Japan decided to make a manga about big, fucking cockroaches. Then another person in Japan thought it would be an even better idea to make it an anime. Hopefully, some genius doesn’t get it into her or his head to make a live-action about big, fucking cockroaches with wings. I decided to watch Terra Formars as one of my shows this season. Hence, now my skin is crawling.

The show is pretty good so far. Good enough for me to want to read the manga. I’m pretty sure everybody dies; if not everyone, but most and probably in gruesome ways. That’s what it seems like so far although Crunchyroll is giving us the censored version so I don’t get to see the deaths in their full glory. But what we do get to see, is big, fucking cockroaches with wings. If you’ve ever encountered a cockroach, you know that those little fuckers are smart. They will play dead, they will sneak in from the tiniest places, they will flatten themselves so you can’t squish them, and if they have wings, they will fly up your wall. In Terra Formars, these cockroaches surpass our meager little annoyances. They seem to possess a high level of intelligence and massive organization. Which come to think of it, they probably already do in their tiny forms but now they are huge. And they are extremely muscular, think Arnold Schwarzenegger from the 1980s. These cockroaches don’t want to eat you, they want to crush you. They want to crush you the way we crush their tiny cousins. Step on you and push down hard to make sure their guts come out. That’s the only way you know they are dead.

I am rooting for the “humans” in this series even though they hold responsibility for these huge cockroaches on Mars. Mars! We already think of Mars of a shitty environment for humans to live but now add monstrous cockroaches to it. This is one show that I will check out the manga as well if I can find time for it. Shows like this tend to lean towards being excellent but don’t satisfy me when they end. It doesn’t look like it will bode well for the “humans” so far and I’m up to episode 3. There is also the smell of conspiracies afoot with clandestine meetings in darkened bars. If it can provide a good balance of fleshing out the conspiracies in a matter that makes sense and mindless violence; this show may end up a standout of the Fall Season.

What are you watching?

It Wasn’t About Ham(atora)

hamatora-nice-madI know it’s the time of year that I am supposed to blog about what I plan on watching for Fall Anime 2014. I plan on blogging about that soon. For now, I’m going to focus on Hamatora. It was one of my favorite series from the Spring and Summer lineup. It was one that I didn’t drop when others fell by the wayside.

Hamatora; which means “Beach Tiger” (still trying to figure that one out) has ended its 12 episode run. The show has given me a Durarara!! feel almost each episode. The similarities include the animation style, the storytelling style, a mastermind, double crosses, and the behaviors of the characters. Hamatora focused on a private investigation agency named, you guessed it, “Hamatora”. The agency is made up of minimum holders which are special innate abilities that some humans have. These abilities can range from super speed, super strength, super green thumb, pretty much maximizing abilities humans already have to superhuman levels.

Of course you know with superhuman powers comes supervillain shenanigans. But wait, are these really supervillains or just misunderstood humans? Humans acting out of grief, desire to control the world, or a desire to make the world the way they believe it should be. We live in a society that good and bad is not always clear cut. Many of us would like the people of the world to behave a certain way and go about interacting with others in hopes that they may act in the way we want them to. Some of us are a bit more forceful and choose to destroy those who don’t conform whether by death, brainwashing, or isolation. Some of us just want to see the world burn. Hamatora has all of this in its show.

Hamatora revolves around Nice who is an extremely powerful Minimum Holder but wants to live a carefree existence while helping others. He is our favorite anime character; appears to be a bumbling idiot and immature while truly is very keen on what is going on though he acts brashly. Nice is able to see the connections between crimes and tries to solve them at great risk to himself and those who work with him: Murasaki, Birthday, Hajime, Ratio, Three, and Honey. This really wasn’t a “deep” anime, though I felt it tried to go there but not in a heavy-handed way. Hamatora was able to keep it light even when murdering off characters or beating the crap out of them. It attempted to describe the “Minimum” as the human’s ego exaggerated. As in, humans seek to be better than others at all times.

The pursuit of perfection in humans or being better than others is evident in our everyday lives. It’s always about being number one. Awards are given, massive amounts of money is made, accolades, celebrity-dom comes from people wanting to be the best, to be noticed. What is it that drives humans to want to be the best? To want to be the top of it all? Is it a cultural phenomenon or do most humans seek to edge past others even if it is a little edge? This is why I love watching anime even when series are pretty terrible as it raises questions that I find that many live-action shows don’t do anymore. Could Freud have been right about the id, ego, and superego. I definitely think he was on the right track.


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