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Paradise Lost

In a previous post, I discussed watching older anime series rather than focusing on currently running series. When I first started with this blog, I tended to blog about finished shows. Somewhere along the way, I started blogging about series that were currently running. I cannot remember why there was this switch. But I’ve decided …

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I Am Not an Otaku

I love anime. I tend to watch it daily some weeks. I will marathon it, create wallpapers, read aniblogs, lurk on anime forums, purchase DVDs, figurines, and talk about it to anyone who listens. But I am not an otaku. Depending on where you look, otaku is a derogatory term, meant to insult those with …

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Anime Blogging – Does it encourage your hobby?

I am new to the world of anime blogging. I have watched anime for 10 years as a hobby. Late last year I decided to start blogging about what I watched and what I felt about it. This was mainly due to not having any friends that are interested in anime so they are not …

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