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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Anime

Why not? If you’re stuck in the mindset that “cartoons are for kids”, that’s not a good excuse.  And so what? Cartoons are fun, especially good ones! There are anime shows that are specifically targeted for children just as there are now Western cartoons specifically targeted for adults. Is watching anime weird? Only if you …

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Hiatus Over!

So I married a non-anime geek. The wedding and honeymoon is over and I am excited to get back into my weekly groove of posting! Speaking of my husband; anime fan, he is not. He will watch anime with me and he likes Shingeki no Kyojin (shocker) but other than that, he falls asleep while I’m …

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I have not really been blogging and I have missed talking aimlessly to whoever decides to stop by and read. I’ve still been watching anime, of course. One twitter follower even said that I watch a lot. One could never watch too much anime, right? Right??? But I’ll tell you what has really been keeping …

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May the Odds be Forever in your Favor…Here are your winners!

I was probably more excited about this giveaway than you, dear readers. I couldn’t find a hat so I ended up using a bag that I sewed myself (woot!). The boyfriend was also excited to be participating and happily drew the names. Unfortunately, not everyone can win and I wish I had something for everyone …

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