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Can I Live in Japan?

I love Japanese animation and I have a cursory knowledge of samurai and Japanese vending machines. Periodically, I read Japanese news to kind of get a feel of what is going on in Japan. But can I actually live there? The tiny apartments, the earthquakes, the language, racial, and cultural barrier. Am I brave enough …

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Jero – The Enka Singer I Never Knew

I had to take a quick break from my hiatus (break from my break, lol) to talk about Jero. I don’t listen to enka at all, unless its in an anime but sometimes Tumblr really gives me something that sparks my interest. When I think of Enka music, I generally think of old people or …

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I Just Can’t Let You Go

I always say I’m going to take a break from anime but it always sneaks back into my life. I tell myself I’m not going to watch any new shows this season but one or two manage to break down my barriers. I have no willpower when it comes to anime! I don’t understand why …

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You Wanted Flavor?

So for my 60th post I’m going to write about…absolutely nothing. I just thought I’d check in with you all because I have been pretty busy with some major life changes so I haven’t had the time to post my once a week or comment on others’ blogs. Once everything gets stable in a couple …

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B-Lifestyle in Japan

I learn something new everyday. With my interest in anime, an interest in Japan has also fostered. Japan has a reputation of being “weird” and even now I still find it hard to believe that it is just full of quirky people. I’m pretty sure its full of more “normals” than anything. I came across …

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