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Different Side of Kawaii

I puke kawaii. That’s what ArtisticSole does while she’s living la vida lolita. If you know anything about Japan even without watching anime or reading manga, you might know the term “kawaii”. If you watch anime, you are overwhelmed with kawaii. Even my google spellcheck knows kawaii and doesn’t get underlined in red like many …

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Two Souls Lost

Wow. I normally don’t do episodic posts but this most recent episode of Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope) wasso impressive that I had to blog about it. I have not been this moved by a modern anime in a while, as in at least 10 years. In my last post regarding the show, …

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Six Months!

I didn’t want to miss this hallmark before the month is out but Black Strawberry has been in existence for six months! It is my anniversary! Woot. This is my first foray into anime blogging and quite frankly I’m surprised I’ve kept going this long. It is partly due to you, the people who come …

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Three Cheers for Another!!!

After a very enjoyable break, I’m back in the blogosphere. Of course, being away from technology, I have tons to catch up on but I chose to watch my favorites first; Mirai Nikki, Another, and Gintama. I’m really hoping Gintama is not ending for real this time, they have been known to play tricks on …

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Double Dutch

So I found something new today in my exploration of not only anime but Japan. I knew that Japan had a loving relationship with hip-hop but I didn’t know that they had Double Dutch competitions. You may be thinking, “Why the interest?”. I like Double Dutch, always have but didn’t realize that it had spread …

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