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Excuse Me; Who are You?

This is a blog post that I’m doing by request. A person in one of my circles on Google+ asked if I had a post on my favorite anime movies and episodes. My introductory post has a cursory view of some of my favorite anime whether it be a movie or a series. This post …

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Noein…That Multidimensions in the Time-Space Continuum Do Exist!

I know, I know. Christmas is over, right? Right. Well, this post isn’t about Christmas, it’s about the existence of multidimensions! I said that in an echoey voice, it reads better if you do the same. Glancing through my timeline on Twitter, one of my followers tweeted about multi-universes. I did not get involved in …

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Ergo Proxy: The Conclusion

A couple of nights ago I completed watching Ergo Proxy so my feelings are still achingly fresh. I started this series with high hopes based off positive reviews and a number of recommendations that were given. Initially, the reviews seemed to be correct and I felt I had made a good choice in choosing to …

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