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It’s the End of 2012 as we know it!

Oh, you guys know I wouldn’t leave you in 2012 without a “best of” or “2012 was awesome/horrid/blah/meh/cool” type post. I know I am on hiatus but my good conscience could not allow me to end the year without an end of the year post. I would feel so unfulfilled. Well, not really, because wedding …

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Happy Anniversary – One Year Down!!!

Hey, guys, today marks one year exactly that I started this blog! I cannot believe I made it one year. It was my goal to blog for at least a year without giving up and I am so happy that I was able to do it. It has definitely not been easy as each year …

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Around We Go Again – Cowboy Bebop

This is one of my favorite series of all time. Cowboy Bebop. I have not watched in about five years. Last week I decided to hop on the merry-go-round and watch again one of the first anime series to capture my heart. My rewatch of the show is partly due to Sakamichi no Apollon having …

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May the Odds be Forever in your Favor…Here are your winners!

I was probably more excited about this giveaway than you, dear readers. I couldn’t find a hat so I ended up using a bag that I sewed myself (woot!). The boyfriend was also excited to be participating and happily drew the names. Unfortunately, not everyone can win and I wish I had something for everyone …

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Excuse Me; Who are You?

This is a blog post that I’m doing by request. A person in one of my circles on Google+ asked if I had a post on my favorite anime movies and episodes. My introductory post has a cursory view of some of my favorite anime whether it be a movie or a series. This post …

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