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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

A Conventional Thing to Do (Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013)

This weekend, I enjoyed the three day fun fest called Anime Weekend Atlanta.  I spent massive amounts of time surrounded by noting but otakus and furries. I have yet to figure out what the furries were doing there. And lets not forget the steampunkers who are popping up everywhere. So what does one do at …

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I Am Not an Otaku

I love anime. I tend to watch it daily some weeks. I will marathon it, create wallpapers, read aniblogs, lurk on anime forums, purchase DVDs, figurines, and talk about it to anyone who listens. But I am not an otaku. Depending on where you look, otaku is a derogatory term, meant to insult those with …

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Not Your Kid’s Show

Honor and a Penis! Shin Chan. Definitely not your little children’s show. One of the few anime I thank Adult Swim for introducing me to.  Shin Chan is a show that I can watch more than once and I can’t say that about many shows. It makes me laugh every time I’ve watch it.  Shin …

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