Exploring the World of Anime

Unfinished Business

759I’m a reader. I love reading books to clear my mind and stay sane in this ever changing and unpredictable world. It was my escape. I have had some difficulty finding good books to escape into lately so anime and K-drama have been my only forms of escapism. When reading a book, I always finished it even if I didn’t like it. It was my motto to finish what I started.

I’m not able to do that with anime or K-drama. I don’t understand how I am able to push through an over 500 page book that I don’t like but I can’t make it through an anime if I don’t like. I turn it off and don’t watch it again unless I was interested but got distracted by something else.  I can put down a book and half a year later, pick it back up to finish it.

Not so with anime and K-drama; most specifically anime since I watch that the most. I have a graveyard of anime that I’ve dropped and left to wallow in a pit of “maybe I’ll get to it”. Two notable ones that I have dropped are One Piece and Sword Art Online. Arguably, One Piece is most definitely better than SAO. I also liked One Piece in a way but I simply couldn’t get through it. SAO was absolute harem garbage and once I lost hope that it would have any true semblance of a good plot; it was dead to me. I’ve also started watching Fairy Tail and though it started silly; it did improve, yet, I still have not finished it. Like One Piece, I do sort of like it but cannot finish it. And I really hate unfinished business.


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